Deborah Brooks, Passamaquoddy Weaver
Sweetgrass Basketry
Phoenix, AZ
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Maine Indian Passamaquoddy basketry is centuries old.  
The weavers of today are continuing to keep the rich traditions of the Passamaquoddy people alive with
this heritage artform.

Each authentic basket is handwoven of brown ash tree splints and handbraided sweetgrass
from the saltwater marshes of Maine, and signed by the artist.  

All baskets are woven in the traditional manner of the Maine Indian
“People of the Dawn” by Passamaquoddy weaver

Deborah Gabriel Brooks.  

All natural materials used to construct each basket are prepared by the artist,
including the braiding of the sweetgrass.  

This is a time honored heritage art, and preparation methods are consistently traditional,
using tools, molds and blocks handed down in the Gabriel family for generations.
Maine Indian Baskets
Passamaquoddy Native American Brown Ash Splint Basketry

By Passamaquoddy Weaver, Deborah Gabriel Brooks
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